Zhi-Neng Qi-Gong

Our mission:
Working together to discover the innate life energy, chi, in the art of healing, fitness, health, and human potential through love and compassion, training, and scientific research.

Zhineng Qigong(Smart Qigong) has inherited the best parts of traditional Qigong of ancient China—Confucianism, Buddhism, Daoism, TCM, kungfu, folk Qigong, and etc. It is the most effective, economic and environmental health-building method in modern society, and it is also an advanced science of studying the human life.

Zhineng Qigong has unique integrated theory system and methods of distinctive layer level: The first step of method is Lift Qi Up Pour Qi Down; the second is Body And Mind; the third is Five One Form; in addition, there are There Centers Merging Standing Meditation, Tapping Exercise, Uniting Internal Organ Qi to One and some very well-directed methods such as Wall Squat Method, Abdomen Massage Method, Improving Eyesight Method, Eight Qi Training Methods, Waist Loosening Method and etc. The methods of Zhineng Qigong are simple, safe and easy, while the effect is fast and strong. It isn’t restrained by any condition, and it is ok to practise anytime and anywhere.
The benefits of practising Zhineng Qigong:
1, Enhancing physique. Practicing  can balance Yin and Yang, harmonize Qi and blood, unclog channels, increase vital Qi and make the vitality of humans great.
2, Prolonging life. Practicing can delay the aging process, enhance vitality and achieve the purpose of health and longevity.
3,Preventing and controlling diseases. Many patients of common diseases, frequently-occurring diseases and stubborn diseases have recovered by practicing, which is the most remarkable effect by practice. Many diseases such as hypertension, cardiopathy, diabetes, lithiasis, con, hepatopathy, nephropathy, arthritis, rheumatism, intestinal tract disease, disease of reproductive system, ocular disease and etc were cured by practising. For stubborn diseases such as cancers, lupus erythematosus, leukemia, caput femoris necrosis and etc, there were also not just a few cured cases. Moreover, diseases such as neurasthenia, insomnia, constipations, dizziness, palpitations and etc could be adjusted very well in short time.
4, Cultivating the mind and improving self-control.
Why can practicing Qigong cure so many diseases and produce amazing effect? TCM and Qigong believe that the human being suffer from diseases due to the imbalance of life function caused by lack or malfunction of Qi and blood. Practicing Qigong can not only make Qi and blood abundant but also promote the flow of Qi and blood, then it can attain the goal of “Qi and blood flow well, be immune from diseases” and “when there is sufficient health Qi inside, the pathogenic Qi have no way to invade the health body”.
Qigong is different with other training methods: Qigong emphasizes on using the mind inward, that is, practitioners’ mind combines with their lives directly and the mind will play the effect of strengthening and improving life force to be healthy. Practising Qigong includes nourishing and cherishing morality, using mind, adjusting breath and moving body. Qigong mainly practices the consciousness, mind and Qi. It emphasizes on directing Qi through the mind, and directing body through Qi. When practicing, concentrate on the movement and feel it in the relaxing and quiet state.

We emphasize on creating Qi field and making use of it, attaching importance to both theory and methods, practicing hard and skillfully and using the mind positively and actively, to acquire fruitful results.
Either healing or improving needs to depend on your own initiative and assiduous practice. The idea of recovering and improving easily is not realistic and reliable.
Off course, everyone’s physical condition and goals are different, then the intensity of practice will be different. However, “starting with the body, getting enlightenment from the theory, and enhancing effect by creating Qi field”, is the commonness. Practitioners need to enlightened and improve out of the practice.
We will try our best to bring some fruitful results to every practitioner coming here. We never forget Dr. Pang Ming’s edification: “Curative effect is the lifeblood of Zhineng Qigong.”
Traffic Route:
1. Take bus No.21 in the Haikou Meilan International Airport to the bus station Bai-sha-men Park, which cost about 1USD 
2. We drive a car to the Airport to pick you up, which costs 150Yuan(about 23USD).             
3. We drive a car to the Haikou Rail Station to pick you up, which costs 100Yuan(about 15USD).
Address: Bai-Sha-Men Park, Five west road, Hai Dian island, Haikou city, Hainan province, China.
Tel.: 86-13005023165
Contact Person: Xu Wen
Skype:    zhaochunling6
Please kindly contact us via Skype if there is any question about practicing Qi-Gong, we will response as quickly as possible. At the same time, free health advice and practicing guide will be offered, too. We also can help you by checking your form and demonstrating correct form.  This can help you to deepen your practice and achieve strong, enduring health results.
Please make an appointment through our email.  Our email is:xuwen196703011@163.com

Zhi-Neng Qi-Gong Makes A Tumor Dissappear In B – Ultrasound View